New Book Listing - Winter 2014



King's Cross – the story of the world in the life of Christ, by Timothy Keller

The Christian Athiest – believing in God but living as if He doesn't exist, by Craig Groeschel

The Hole In Our Gospel – What does God expect from us?  -- the answer that changed my life and might just change the world, by Richard Stearns

Difference Makers – an action guide for Jesus followers, by M. Scott Boren

Prototype – what happens when you discover you're more like Jesus than you think? By Jonathan Martin


So Shines the Night, by Tracy L. Higley

Isle of Shadows, by Tracy L. Higley

Missing Your Smile, #1 Fields of Hope Series, by Jerry S. Eicher

The Dance, #1 Restoration Series, by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

The Promise, #2 Restoration Series, by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

An Open Heart, by Harry Kraus

The Path to Piney Meadows, by Gail Sattler

When the Morning Glory Blooms, by Cynthia Ruchti

Darkness Before Dawn, by Ace Collins

Wildflowers From Winter, by Katie Ganshert

Wishing on Willows, by Katie Ganshert

The Choice, by Robert Whitlock

Letters to Ruby, by Adam Thomas

All For a Song, by Allison Pittman

The Offering, by Angela Hunt

Home Run, by Travis Thrasher


Have You Filled A Bucket Today? --a guide to daily happiness for kids, by Carol McCloud

Being Mad – a book about anger, by Molly Wigand

Mad Isn't Bad – a child's book about anger, by Michaelene Mundy

What Is God Like? By Cynthia Geisen

Making Good Choices – a book about right and wrong, by Lisa O. Engelhardt

You Want Me To Be Good All Day? - and other prayers for children (includes CD), by Fr. Joe Kempf

Happy To Be Me – a kid's book about self-esteem, by Christine Adams