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Connection Groups


Cook’n up Something

Foods is something we all have in common. Cooking for friends and family is the oldest form of hospitality. Our goal is to bring people together through our mutual interest in good food and the connection it provides. Together we will learn how to prepare simple meals, food safety, healthy eating and healthy laughter in the KGT kitchen while making new friends and getting to know other better. Each session will cost $5 to cover the cost of the food, all leftovers will go to families in need.


Can We Help:

Our goal is to link people of like talents and interests with at least one other to "Help" those in need in or through our church family. What talents do you have? Do you like to tinker on cars, do construction, painting, plumbing, etc? We will link these teams up then reach out through the church office to find true needs that we can minister to. This will be a great opportunity to use the talents God has blessed us with to bless someone in need. It will also give provide a network for people to get to know others in our church and mentor those with like interests. So dust off those tool belts and boxes and sign up to let us know where you can help.


Praise & Worship Music

The purpose of this group is for people who love to either play musical instruments or sing, to gather for a time of playing praise & worship music together. We will gather in the Youth Pod on a day, time and frequency (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) that works best for everyone to give our songs to our God. Bring your instruments, voices and passion for praise & worship music and join us!


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